Buderim Ginger’s commitment to its product does not begin or end at the factory gate. As the recognised global leader in confectionery ginger Buderim Ginger not only ensures unrivalled customer service levels but extends its involvement to the very ginger harvested. Buderim Ginger and the Queensland Horticulture Industry (QHI) have joint plant breeders rights to the variety of ginger now known as “Buderim Gold”.

This particular species of ginger improves harvest yields whilst maintaining the citral flavour characteristics so sought after in Australian Ginger. Ginger growing commences with planting in September using golf ball sized pieces cut from rhizomes (root-like subterranean stems) of the previous year’s crop. Throughout the ginger growing season, the crop thrives in the unique geographical conditions of the Sunshine Coast hinterland and nearby areas in Queensland.

These are the only location in Australia where ginger growing is undertaken commercially, due to nature providing the perfect growing combination of rich, volcanic soils, high rainfall and humidity. Ginger, in its native state, is a rainforest plant with magnificent lily-like flowers.

Crop Growth

The ginger crop is systematically fertilised and continually watered through sophisticated irrigation systems.

By February, the ginger farms carry a dense mass of vegetation to a height of about a metre. Underground, the plants develop succulent new rhizomes in large clumps of odd-shaped “hands”. Buderim Ginger field officers monitor the crop to determine the optimum time of harvest to ensure that only the highest-quality raw ginger reaches the factory.


Most of the crop is harvested in February / March when the rhizomes are young with minimal fibre content, ideal for “eating” ginger. This “Early Harvest” only lasts for about six weeks while the plants are at the right stage of growth, so on arrival at the factory, the ginger rhizomes must be carefully stored to await processing.

Further harvests take place in June and August when the rhizomes are larger and the flavour is “hotter”. This late-harvest ginger is valued for its high content of oil and oleo-resins.


Buderim Ginger uses sophisticated, highly automated techniques throughout the processing and packaging stages and its strong commitment to research and development ensures that it stays at the forefront of processing technology. The tender first-harvest grade ginger is carefully stored, using technology that allows it to be held with minimal deterioration for processing throughout the year, thus guaranteeing consistent product quality.

The ginger is graded to detect fibre content at varying percentages.

Candied, syruped, glace and crystallised ginger are further processed in the famous open vat system. The open vat allows the ginger to develop a juicy texture as the syrup penetrates through the ginger pieces. This combined with the evaporation of moisture from the vats results in a better development of the rich ginger taste, through the caramelisation of sugars and the concentration of the natural ginger flavours.

Late harvest ginger root is dried in a dehydrator to supply dried ginger for spice, oil and oleo-resin extraction for use in flavourings, essences and fragrances. These fragrances are widely used particularly in the manufacture of ginger ale, ginger beer, ginger wine, ginger perfume, ginger essence and many more, some are probably even yet to be discovered.


Our despatch department is skilled in the logistics of getting the product to the customer safely, efficiently and economically. Buderim Ginger products have a relatively long shelf life, which allows great flexibility in distribution including sea, air, rail and road. The products are shipped overseas where limited stocks are warehoused to service our regular customers.

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Buderimginger Packaging


Buderim Ginger products are available in retail and bulk industrial packaging sizes. We endeavour to accommodate each customer’s specific packaging needs in the most economical, convenient and environmentally friendly way.

We offer safe and sturdy packaging options to ensure that your order or purchase arrives in excellent condition. This may be a 125gm pack for personal consumption or an industrial carton or drum for manufacturing.

Buderim Ginger is a signatory and supporter of the Australian Packaging Convenant.

At Buderim Ginger we have an unwavering commitment to quality and service and we can ensure you that when you purchase a Buderim Ginger product you are getting only the World’s Finest Ginger. Be assured we care about the quality of our products, and our service performance. For any queries or requests please contact Buderim Ginger, assisting our customers is what we are all about.