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Buderim Ginger uses only the freshest Australian grown ginger to make everyone’s favourite Naked Ginger™, as well as our cordials, ginger beer, snacks and spreads.

The Templetons have been growing ginger on the Sunshine Coast for Buderim Ginger since 1941. They are fourth generation farmers and have a long history producing Australia’s finest ginger for our drinks and snacks.

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Our Crop

There are hundreds of varieties of ginger. We use the juicier and less fibrous Queensland variety to make our ginger products. Ginger is a powerful plant with many benefits including promoting healthy digestion and easing morning and travel sickness.

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Planting Process

Once the seed has been prepared it is then transported by truck out to the field. From here it is rotated into our planter which then goes along, dropping the rhizomes into the prepared ground. We cover the area with a light layer of mulch and then it’s ready to grow over the season.

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Our ginger is grown in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. The unique combination of soil, climate and four generations of ginger growing knowledge make it the best ginger in Australia.

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We only use the freshest ginger, which is delivered to our Sunshine Coast production facility directly from The Templetons farm. Our range of products requires the ginger to be harvested at two distinct times, with the early harvest ideal for confectionery ginger, and the late harvest perfect for our cordials, ginger beers, juice and purees.

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Ginger Rhizomes

The ginger root is actually called the rhizome and it’s this part that becomes the seed. We select the best, cleanest possible seed we can get and cut it into pieces, ready for planting. Ginger root grows similar to potato, that is, once planted it shoots off to eventually grow a great crop of ginger.

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Ginger Facts

Did you know that there are hundreds of types of ginger but only three are edible? The rest are the ornamental type that produce beautiful flowers. The edible gingers do have a flower but they aren’t as colourful and striking as the ornamental gingers.

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As a little reward to our loyal customers, all our online prices have been adjusted to make all Buderim Ginger products 10% cheaper than our normal retail prices, so you can enjoy our delicious products all year round.

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