Proudly Australian Owned

From a small farming community in the pre World War 1 days, to one of the world’s finest ginger producers, food processors and tourist destinations, Buderim Ginger is a long-standing and proudly successful Australian business. 

It all started with some raw ginger pieces that found their way to Buderim, Australia many, many years ago. They thrived in the rich volcanic soil, the high rainfall and humidity. When the Second World War cut ginger supply from China, sales of the Buderim produced crop soared. As a result of this, five Buderim farmers met together in an old blacksmith’s shop and formed The Buderim Ginger Grower’s Co-operative Association Limited. Between them they had capital of 25 pounds, two wooden vats, 14 tons of green ginger and plenty of Australian spirit.

Company Growth

In 1979, an area of nearly 9 hectares was leased from the Department of Commercial & Industrial Development and the first stage of a new factory complex commenced. Success was growing just as solidly as their crop and organic company growth saw Buderim Ginger Limited listed on the stock exchange in 1989. By the time the 1990’s had rolled in, Buderim Ginger had earned global recognition for producing the World’s Finest Ginger. An impressive feat indeed, the company’s investment in production facilities met the needs of customers in over 17 countries, and continues to do so today.

Global Momentum

This distribution success has been greatly enhanced with representation in the UK, Germany, USA, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore. A commitment to the highest standards of food safety, holding BRC, Kosher and Halal Certifications has also supported the global momentum.

At Buderim Ginger, we pride ourselves on using only the finest ingredients to ensure unparalleled taste and quality. Our ginger is sourced from the best ginger growing regions, including our own Buderim Ginger Fiji, which is carefully processed to preserve its unique flavour and health benefits.

Environmental Commitment

Buderim Ginger is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. From multinational corporates to small local businesses, Members come from a range of industries and organisational sizes. Yet they all have one thing in common – a commitment to reducing the environmental impact of their packaging.

When you sign the Australian Packaging Covenant (the Covenant), your business makes a public declaration to work collaboratively to achieve common goals.

By signing the Covenant, your business becomes a Member of APCO. You join a group of committed organisations, including brand owners, packaging manufacturers, waste management and recycling organisations, to connect, collaborate and drive industry-led change.