Prep Time

10 minutes

Cook Time

Cool Overnight (minimum 12 hours)


Serves 4


1 sachet of berry flavoured jelly crystals
200ml boiling water
250ml Buderim Ginger Beer


STEP 1 Dissolve the jelly crystals into the boiling water as per packet instructions.

STEP 2 Let cool slightly, then slowly mix in the Buderim Ginger Beer. Don’t overmix it, or you’ll lose the bubbles!

STEP 3 Pour into your moulds – or serving cups – and set in the fridge overnight. Enjoy as a summertime treat or part of a jelly and fruit salad.

Helpful Notes

RECIPE SUPPLIED BY INSATIABLE MUNCHIES This delicious summertime recipe was created and supplied for the Ginger Net by the wonderful Sydney food blog Insatiable Munchies. You can visit their website here:

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