Prep Time

10 minutes


1 cocktail


45 ml Gin
3 pieces of cucumber
3 basil leaves
3 mint leaves

Top up with Buderim Ginger Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer


1) Have a chilled tall glass ready.

2) In a cocktail shaker, add the cucumber, mint, basil and fresh lime as well as the gin.

3) Muddle well and add ice.

4) Shake and double strain into the tall glass and then fill the glass up with your Buderim Ginger reduced sugar ginger beer .

5) Add a thin peel of cucumber and basil leaves as garnish.

Helpful Notes

We use our Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer in this recipe, however you could easily subsitute it for our Original Ginger Beer or get adventurous and try some of our other variants including Ginger Beer & Pear or Ginger Beer & Guarana.

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