Prep Time

5 minutes plus freeing time


4 glasses


1 cup (250ml) of Buderim Ginger Revitalise or Ginger Refresher (the Ginger Revitalise is a reduced sugar cordial withe stevia)
4 cups of sparkling mineral water
2 limes
mint leaves (optional)
30ml vodka (optional) or white rum
Berry Ice Cubes
1 punnet of berries
1/4 of a lemon, juiced or 60ml of lemon juice
enough cold water to fill 1-2 trays of ice-cubes


  1. Place 4-5 serving glasses out or a serving jug and evenly juice the limes into the serving glasses or all into the serving jug.
  2. Pour in the Ginger Revitalise or Ginger Refresher into the glasses or jug.
  3. Pour the Sparkling Mineral Water evenly into each glass, or into the jug and stir.  You can also add crushed mint leaves if desired.

Ice Cubes

If you wish to make this recipe with the berry ice-cubes, simply decide how much ice you want (as to how many trays you use) and place a berry or 2 in each ice-tray compartment. Mix the lemon juice and cold water together and pour into each ice-cube tray and freeze.  Once frozen, proceed with the above recipe.

Helpful Notes

Try serving this refreshing Buderim Brew in jars and/ or use cocktail garnishes such as paper straws, cocktail umbrellas etc. for a rustic or lounge bar feel at parties or events.

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