Toast to someone special with this mouth-watering Bubbly Thyme Champagne Cocktail recipe.

Prep Time

10 minutes


1 cocktail


10 ml pear juice
20 ml Buderim Ginger Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer
10 ml Liquor de Gingembre
1 strand of Thyme

An assortment of fresh berries
Top up with Champagne/sparkling wine


1) Firstly chill down your champagne flute.

2) Add your fresh berries to a thin skewer and place in the flute.

3) Pour on gently all of the liquid ingredients and garnish with a strand of thyme leaves.

Helpful Notes

We use our Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer in this recipe, however you could easily subsitute it for our Original Ginger Beer or get adventurous and try some of our other variants including Ginger Beer & Pear or Ginger Beer & Guarana.

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