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Buderim Ginger

Welcome to Buderim Ginger, a beloved family-owned Australian company that has been passionately crafting the finest ginger products since 1941. With an unwavering commitment to quality, we offer a range of delectable snacks, condiments, beverages, health and wellness products, and our famous Ginger Beer.

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New & Exciting Ways To Use Ginger

Let us help you unleash your culinary prowess to create mouth-watering meals, moreish snacks, and refreshing drinks that will have your guests begging you for your secret!

Whether you’re adding a subtle touch to enhance other flavours or letting it take the spotlight, ginger is the ultimate flavour chameleon, offering endless possibilities to tantalise your taste buds.

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Our story began in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, where we first started growing ginger for the local market. As word of our exceptional ginger spread, it led us to expand our operations to begin producing ginger products. Today, we are honoured to be one of Australia’s most prominent ginger producers, with our products available in major supermarkets, independent grocers, specialty food stores, pharmacies, online and of course, The Ginger Factory, the home of Buderim Ginger.

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Exploring the Sunshine Coast? Be sure to stop by the @ginger_factory for lunch and an unforgettable adventure! 😄
When it comes to Naked Ginger Sliced... there is no limit 😍

Available at Woolworths, Coles and selected independent grocers.
The only beverage you should be leaving the bottle shop with. 😏

Grab it from selected Dan Murphy's and BWS in Queensland.
The ultimate thirst quencher 🥵 🍻 

Grab a four pack of our No Sugar Ginger Beer + Lime from selected Dan Murphy’s in Queensland.
Kick back and enjoy the atmosphere of the Buderim Ginger Beer Garden at the @ginger_factory  🍻
Made with subtle hints of ginger, lemon and lime, to deliver a tasty refreshment like no other! 🍋🧊

Find it in the mixers aisle at your local Woolworths.
Is sickness ruining your day? 🤢
Our Buderim BioActive Ginger+ helps to relieve nausea with a powerful blend of 6-Gingerol, vitamins, and gut-boosting probiotics. Get back to feeling your best with BG+. ✅
Just when you thought ginger couldn't get any better @dominique_rizzourbanfeast made a Loaded Ginger Jam & Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich recipe 🤤 And we still can't get enough!! 🍦

Find the full recipe via the link in our bio, no-churning is required so you can make this tasty one at home!
One of our favourites in the BG+ range, the Smoothie Booster has a subtle flavour perfect for adding to any flavoured smoothie! 😍 Specifically designed to soothe nausea and support gut health and immunity! ✨

Grab it from the @ginger_factory or on Amazon.
The chewy and zesty pieces you won't be able to get enough of! 😍

Available at Woolworths, Coles and selected independent grocers.
What do you get when you combine ginger, lemon, lime & bitters? 🧊 The most refreshing beverage there ever was! 😍

Find it in the mixers aisle at your local Woolworths.
A hint of ginger makes everything better 😏 Who's with us? 

Find our No Sugar Ginger, Lemon, Lime and Bitters at your local Woolworths.