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Melonade (Virgin) Cocktail

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If you ever get stranded on a tropical paradise, you'll want this fruity tipple by your side...and maybe Brad Pitt.
Prep Time: 
10 minutes
1 cocktail
45 ml fresh watermelon juice
15 ml fresh lime juice
60 ml Buderim Ginger Reduced sugar Ginger Beer
6 watermelon juice ice cubes (frozen watermelon juice)

1) Grab a chilled tall glass and fill with a layered mix of ice and watermelon ice cubes.

2) Squeeze on the fresh lime.

3) Add the watermelon juice and top up with the Buderim ginger reduced sugar ginger beer.

4) Add a wheel of lime or a thin slice of watermelon as garnish.

Helpful Notes: 

We use our Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer in this recipe, however you could easily subsitute it for our Original Ginger Beer or get adventurous and try some of our other variants including Ginger Beer & Pear or Ginger Beer & Guarana.