Prep Time

15 minutes

Cook Time

3 hours cool minimum


Makes 24 Pieces


150g gingernut biscuits, chopped roughly (to make your own gingernut biscuits visit
125g butter
200g dark chocolate
1tbl brown sugar
2tbl golden syrup
80g Buderim Ginger Naked Uncrystallized Ginger, chopped roughly

Pinch of sea salt


STEP 1 Line a 20cm square tin with foil.

STEP 2 Melt the butter, dark chocolate, sugar and golden syrup over a double boiler, remove from heat.

STEP 3 Mix in the salt, biscuits and ginger and pour the mixture into the tin. Set in the fridge for at least 3 hours.

STEP 4 Remove from fridge and lift out with the foil. Cut into 6 x 4 rows. Enjoy! RECIPE SUPPLIED BY PIE SOCIETY This delicious recipe was supplied for the Ginger Net from the Pie Society. They also use Buderim Ginger Naked Ginger in their mouth-watering Dark Chocolate and Ginger Brownies that can be purchased from their website at:

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